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Character Spectrum meme Brom Bruce Oilver :iconsaika1:Saika1 0 1
My heart (Hook, line, sinker)
My heart
Hook, line, sinker
You've caught my heart
No indication of release
You've got my heart
I want to be freed
I want to be kept
I want to hide
I want to show myself
You've captured my heart
Hook, line, sinker
No intentions of release
Never to be free
You've got me
My heart
My time
My love
You captured my heart
Hook, line, sinker
I seek your lines
Biting when you bait it
Easy capture
Set from the start
A rigged game
You've caught my heart
You've hooked me
And you hooked my heart
Never to release it
Captured, but so free
Hook, line, sinker.
:iconsaika1:Saika1 1 0
I Batman'd :iconsaika1:Saika1 2 0
I hear, I see
I hear a whisper
I see a shadow
The whisper tells me
The things I want to hear
The things I don't want to know
It tells me everything
It keeps me in check
It tells me the truth
It tells me the lies
The shadow moves with me
Follows me close by my side
It keeps me on a tight path
It keeps me near its side
It makes sure I don't stray
It makes sure I push the boundaries
But it wrangles me back
I hear a whisper
I see a shadow
They lead me
They guide me
They make sure I stand
They make sure I fall
They make sure to keep me near
They keep me grounded
They keep me in check
:iconsaika1:Saika1 1 0
Pear :iconsaika1:Saika1 1 1
Joy dies
Pain persists
Sorrow grows unabated
Happiness ceases to exist
Everything is harder
I can only pretend so long
That it's all okay
That I'm alright
That I'll be alright
That I'm happy
I lie
To you
To her
To him
To myself
Joy is short lived
When it comes it goes
Sadness is more friendly
It stays, rarely goes
Weighed down by it all
Darkness is what I see
Mostly that is
I see light
If only briefly
I cannot reach it
I cry
I straigten my face
I smile, rarely so
I cry
I cry
I cry
Hidden away
I cry
:iconsaika1:Saika1 2 1
That night, I just stopped
That night
That night I stopped
I stopped breathing
I stopped living
I stopped caring
I just stopped...
I didn't want to live
I didn't want to breathe
I couldn't breathe
Not normally at least
I stopped breathing,
And I didn't notice
In and out was too hard a task
So I stopped
I stopped caring, I stopped breathing
I wasn't holding my breathe
I just wasn't breathing
In and out, not at all
That night, that horrid night
I stopped living
I didn't die, but I stopped living
I stopped being happy
I couldn't be happy
I wouldn't be happy
Never again to be at ease
I stopped caring
In the manner I once had
I can't care
I won't care...
I couldn't care
I wouldn't care
I still care though?
I just stopped...
I stopped living like I had
I stopped breathing, too much a task...
I stopped caring like I once had
I stopped believing that there was sense in the world
I stopped being happy.
That night
Everything changed
And I just stopped...
Nothing will mend me
Nothing can
That night,
I just stopped.
:iconsaika1:Saika1 0 3
King Saturnus :iconsaika1:Saika1 1 0 Exploring the wild :iconsaika1:Saika1 2 4
What to say
You could say...
Say you want to fix it all
To try again
You want to erase the pain
Go back and change it
Fix everything you've done
Say you don't want to end it
Say that you love me
That you want me back
That you made a mistake
That you want to fix it
... That you'll never do it again
That you were wrong
That you'll have me once more
That you'll fix it all
Just say it...
Say it now
Say that you love me
That you need me
That you want me
That you'll never turn on me again
Say you love me
Even if only one last time
Say it slow and sweet
To at least give me hope
Say you want me
That you need me
That you really, truly... love me.
:iconsaika1:Saika1 0 0
Custom gem adopt~ :iconsaika1:Saika1 2 3 YPH auction :open: :iconsaika1:Saika1 0 2 TLK adopts :open: :iconsaika1:Saika1 4 12 Gem customs :iconsaika1:Saika1 4 4
Christmas Poem
Strong and unyielding
Yet kind and gentle
Endless understanding
Endless friendship
Is what you've offered
All the time in the world
Is what you've given
Even when busy
Or feeling down
You rush to help
Never ending
When you wish help
Always ready to be there
Even if only in text
So thank you
For being steady
For being stronger
Than mountains
And raging seas
You were always there
And always are
You, the only thing more steady than time
You, all I could ask for in a friend
You, just you...
You are everything I could've asked for in friendship
So thank you once more
I look forward to many more years
:iconsaika1:Saika1 1 2
I, the Knight (You, the Princess)
I, the knight
You, the Princess
Fate intertwined us for reasons unseen
The knight too prideful
Too brave and too stubborn
To admit when help is needed
The Princess too kind
Too caring
Always being taken for a ride
I, the knight,
Will protect you
Your fragile heart safe in my hands
You, the Princess,
Will shield me from the hate
And keep me safe and warm in your heart
Fate guiding us
Like two stars
Both aimed for the blank space
I, the knight
You, the Princess
Both of us, made to save the other
Saved from the world around us
And all the bad that surrounds it
Together guarding one another
:iconsaika1:Saika1 0 0


Please note me if you want a commission and pay through donation box! 50% of the cost is required up front!  I will start it, send you a WIP, then if I'm given the "Okay" I will finish it and upload!
MLP "full body"
Over 3/4th of the body shown in art, comes with simple background and shading.

+10 per extra character.
MLP head shots
As above, colored can be shaded, different perspectives shown as well
Pony pixel
using one of the of the above bases, colored examples above as well.



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"Life is the most unfair game we play... Some people who seemingly deserve nothing, get everything, and those who deserve only the best, and the most, have nothing."
-Ioan Rhys

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"They say memories make us who we are, that the past defines us. But we can't forget to grow, evolve, because sometimes a memory can be so powerful that we get stuck in it, frozen in a moment." -Henry Morgan

"Yes, some memories are precious and we need to hang on to them, but Emily Dickinson wrote 'Forever is composed of nows' and she's right. If we root ourselves too deeply in the past we'll miss what's right in front of us." -Henry Morgan.


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Hello watchers and reader dearests~

I've been under a lot of stress lately. No denying it, I was always under some stress... But the stress is much different now. The stress as before holds me back, but now it is really doing a number. Before, I could at least go out and be "semi-normal", I couldn't speak with people... But I could go out. I have always had horrid social anxiety when in person, I can't speak with strangers, nor can I speak with about half of my family because I don't see them enough to feel comfortable about it. If FORCED I can, but I have to face away from them to do so, so at least family has that going for them. But, again, I've never found ease in speaking to others face to face, unless I'm comfortable with them. However, if I've not seen them for awhile it becomes a strain again. 

However, as my social anxiety is a rather normal issue of my life, as bad as it is... is not my point. The matter of this journal is the newer issues and stresses. I can no longer leave my house, unless accompanied by my dog. Well I can, but someone else must stay with him, but I rarely trust the others enough to believe they'll stay... and they're hardly home as it is. SO, I spend more time in the house that out. It was like that before! But, now I really only go out to Petco with my mom and Gruffudd(my pup). That was one of the places we'd go before... But we used to go out to other stores too. As I said, I mostly only go to Petco, because my dog can come with us. If Griffy can't go, then I won't. So now, if I manage the chance, when I go without him... My chest is tight and I can only be out for a little before I become stressed to the point of worry. My mom tries to tell me he'll be fine, that he's safe... But it doesn't make it easier. The other day my mom and I went out the grocery store, and we aren't terrible far from it, ten minute drive at most! And we were there, now from minute one I felt bad for leaving him, on the way there I couldn't breathe easily, my chest tight, felt like an elephant was sitting on it... At the store, thinking it'll be a quick trip I was at minor ease believing it would be a pretty in and out thing. We start to get our stuff, and my mom starts talking with a couple of friends... I don't know how long it was, but it felt like hours! I was carrying the salad bag, thank goodness I didn't bust it because I was fiddling with the air inside and just preoccupying my hands with it. My mom finally finishes speaking with them, and we move on. We get the rest of the stuff, and I'm really stressed at this point, on the verge of tears because of it. My mom assures me that Griff is okay, but I can't find myself to believe it... I already had thought one pet was okay, and he wasn't... So I can't trust they are okay unless I'm there to see it myself. We get in line, the person in front is another of my mom's friend and has a nice half buggy full of stuff. They start to ring her up, and get some of our stuff too, slowing the process a little. They finish with her, and start with us... we're done next. My mom's friend wanted her to meet her son, because he says she's not real. So we go to her car, and they talk a few minutes and all the while I'm dying on the inside. They get done with their back and forth, and they finally say goodbye! The lady tells me, my mom saves me by replying for me because I literally can't. We get back to the car, and head home. We get home, I get my pup, and shower him with treats, everything is okay because I'm there and he is safe with me. Because I can and will keep him safe, I won't let anything happen to him, I'll save him even if it means my life is on the line... I can't lose him because I'm not home to do as any owner should and protect him. My mom says that I'll hopefully get over it when we find another place to live with a doggy door and a fence... I don't see that. The only reason he was safe is because he'd came with us, I'm not leaving him home alone. Ever. I want to go out, to not live in fear of being away from him, but I can't. I have to be with him, or else I feel like everything that can go wrong will. If he can't be with me I want no part in the happenings.

So, do any of y'all have stress helping tips for those few times I am way from my pup and KNOW for a FACT that someone is around? Or just for stress in general? Because sometime even around him I'm still super stressed out. 



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